XJS and the ABS system that has failed. 1992Model with 56000 miles

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I appreciate both the information and the warning. I would not elect to disable the ABS function. However, a further question is prompted because the Teves T4 was used on quite a few cars. Must all these components must come from Jaguars or may some be obtained from other T4 vehicles, such as Chrysler, Saab, and VW to name a few? I assume the pedal box must be XJS Jaguar, but what years will fit the 92?

The Teves IV system first appeared in the XJS (V12 & 4.0) in MY95.25.

Her '92 XJS coupe has 66,962 miles.

You are right, the pedal box, the pedal, and the dual function brake switch are unique to the XJS and fit in my wife’s '92 XJS perfectly, but was close clearance at the forward end of the fluid reservoir too the hood / bonnet underside support member with the hood closed - that has not caused any problem. I did have one complaint from a person with an '88 or’89 that said he could not close his hood fully without some interference - as I recall about 1/16" to 1/8" at the seam of the hood and the fender on the left. I did offer some suggestions on how to resolve that, but he said something about returning to the Teves III - apparently not fully removed. I never received any further response from him about what he decided to do.
That brings me to the suggestion that the first thing someone who is considering this project for a pre-facelift car do a test fit of the assembled pedal box with the booster, and the master cylinder with reservoir attached. If you do have some interference between the forward end of the fluid reservoir and the hood, placing a 1/8" washer on each of the upper two of the pedal box mounting bolts should lower the front end of the reservoir by about 1/4". You should not need that much, so start with thinner washers until you get what you need. The other option is to β€œdimple” the bottom of the hood structural member at the point of contact with the forward point of the reservoir.

As far as Teves IV parts commonality with other than XJ’s (Booster and Tandem Master cylinder and not the reservoir which is unique to the XJS) I cannot be of much help. If you get the actual manufacturer part number of the part you are looking for, you may find a lot of matches.

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