Xjs and xjs facelift body kit

Hi there everyone, i wanted to ask and see, im wondering if i take a non-facelift xjs and fit the facelift bumper kits on them. I was wondering if the moulds and design of the body kit match up to where there isnt going to be extensive re-designing and engineering, or is it indeed going to be a total redesigning that needs to take place?

It’s not bolt on at all. You’ll be getting creative. Look at the body shell section on https://parts.jaguarlandroverclassic.com/ to see some shell drawings.

Thanks for that link, i really enjoy seeing more of these sites that i can go and browse. However my ultimate question is I have the body kit shell and was wondering the shell itself measure to slide in with the dimension of the vehicles bumper right, meankng i dont have to worry about cuttinf the body kit to extend or narrow so i can sear it im place? I know that detailed fabrications are goinf to be needed to secure it on. But just the width ahoudl be exact fit is what i should have been clear to ask in the first place correct?

1993 MY used the same rear bumper cover but not the front.
I’m assuming you are trying to fit the bits to a mid 80’s car.
There are many components besides the plastic cover that are different.
Unfortunately, they are too numerous to list.

Yes im absolutely sure there are lots of components involved. Ok let me rephrase what im looking for exactly. But just the width of the bumper would be exact fit is what i should have been clear to ask in the first place correct? Like i wouldnt need to splice it to extend or narrow its width? Thank you

Highly likely the width is the same, but there will probably be gaps between the bumper cover and panels.
The facelift bumper covers mount to a curved aluminum beam which mounts to the 5 mph collision shocks.

even is the shell dimensions are close, 1 cm difference is going to need a lot of work to blend in

If I were going to try installing facelift style bumpers on pre facelift car and I have actually gave it consideration if I could locate some I would want every part involved from the bumper shocks, impact beam, bumper cover and all trim pieces associated with the replacement. Using that approach I personally feel any problems along the way would be minimum. The xjr-s bumpers would probably be a bolt on fit with no problems as long as you had everything bumper related from a donor vehicle.
I have nothing to support that logic except basic body shop knowledge from doing such on other vehicles when actual parts were unavailable.