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I have jaguar xjs bumper rubber ends and chrome to plates for front and rear. Series 2 xjs 1979-1992 model years. Very good condition. Call or email for details on individual pieces.
Driver’s side front rubber corner. 2 available. Passenger side 2 available. $30 each
Passenger rear top chrome and rubber. $100
Rear center chrome top piece.$100
Two sets of rubber rear sides. $100 each
Front center chrome top plate.$80
Photos in order of listed items.
Clearwater FL.33763
Shipping cost would be determined by location. Domestic shipping only.
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Sent you a private message. Really interested in one rear part. Cheers

Just saw this. Didn’t receive a private message. What side or piece do you need?

Hi there. Not sure if I managed to screw sending a message… apologies.

I´m looking for the rear right bumper (passenger side in a US car) chrome part. It´s rusted beyond recovery.

Looking only for the chrome part, as the rubber one is fine.

Sending would be to my sister´s address in Maryland. Payment via paypal as a friend if possible.

Thank you in advance!


I have the one listed but has rubber attached. It would be better to get both if your part is rusty it won’t separate from rubber without damage to rubber attachments.
I can sell it for $75. It would fit in rough dimension 14x36x8 box. My zip code is Clearwater FL 33763.
Get a shipping quote and ad to cost. PayPal ok.

Thank you Joe. I will take it.

Is there any way you could help me out with the shipping quote. Although my sister lives in MD (MD21054) I live in Spain, and it will be dificult for me to figure that out.