XJS-C fuel tank sender unit

Morning, has anybody replaced the tank sender unit in a XJS-C 3.6 litre manual ? My book tells me that the part number is DAC 5525 ,which is now NLA - Will the coupe’s one DAC 5500 work in it’s place ?


I did about 20 years ago. There wasn’t a different part number for the cabriolet then, so I just spent the arm of a standard one.

Did you search the archives for “fuel sender”? We helped someone a month ago with fuel sender issues. Here is the link to that thread that should answer your questions.

At this point pretty much everything that can be discussed about these cars has been discussed many times and the Jag-Lovers archives are a treasure trove of helpful information available in a few seconds. I search the archives all the time, and usually find my answers there quickly and easily.


Is your currenr sender bad or showing wrong level? Wrong level can be “corrected” with simple bend. You will need severals seals scavenged across the ebay to make it right / avoid fuel smell in the boot…


It looks like Welsh Enterprises in Ohio, USA carries the DAC5525.