Xjs central locking solenoid removal

I have a 1993 XJS. I want change the solenoids on the central locking ( one is missing! and the other doesn’t work properly). I can’t figure out how to remove or replace them. Can anyone help!

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If the inside of the doors is similar to the XJ40 that I used to own the screws are located behind the inner door sheet metal. I had to approximate where the screw head was and carefully drill a clearance hole(s) to allow access with a screw driver.

IIRC, the relay (I had thought there was just one?) is located behind that plastic piece located on the passenger side of the cabin (LHD car) approximately next to your right foot when seated in the passenger seat (i.e. near the base of the “A” pillar). It is clearly marked, although I never understood the warning on it to make sure to keep it upright at all times, or some such. Anyone know what that is about? :confused: Will it go off like a secret agent’s bomb or something if laid down? :bomb: :laughing:

I’m assuming you are talking about the lock actuators in the doors. On a 93, they are motorized actuators, not solenoids.

Below is the procedure from the shop manual. No pictures though.

Here is a page from the parts manual. The actuator is item 14.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the help,guys. I thought it might have something to do with drilling holes in the door panel! I think I’ll give it a bit of thinking about, for now!

This short video show the location of the actuator.https://youtu.be/C9EZ1i-L2F0?si=gAz6MimSHL79QAPF