XJS convertible pulls to the right when brakes applied

After serious automotive repair, my 1994 XJS convertible pulls to the right when brakes are applied: new brakes, 5 new tires, alignment, balance, new brake lines etc. No evidence of right pull while driving. It is a very noticeable change in direction when braking. Fluids replaced. What could be causing this unsafe reaction? Please advise.

Bad brake job maybe?
Air or stuck left caliper?
Could also be a bushing/ball joint issue and something moves out of straight when braking.
Any tendency to pull (to the left) when you accelerate?

No problem (pulling) when accelerating. Just had brake job done but problem was present before going to mechanic. It was the primary reason for repairs this time. Drove home fifteen minutes ago, it still pulls to the right.

When you say new brakes, what exactly was done? If it was just rotors and pads then I would suggest that the left calliper needs looking at, if it is sticking all the pressure takes the line of least resistance, i.e. the opposite calliper, it applies that until the pressure reaches the point that it cannot move that piston any further and then it should start to apply the left side.

I should have read the original post.

You have a 94. The ABS can go crazy on these cars.

Roughly how ABS works… it very slightly applies and removes pressure to keep the wheels from locking up. When the ABS is whacked, it does this unevenly.

Have you done the “brake test” right after leaving the workshop? My bet is - you did ( hard braking).

If so, probablyy one of the front rotors is now habong nice colour or glazing. No
Thing that sanding disc wouldn’t remove.

If somehov that’s not an issue - let us know what was replaced. Cheapo brake calipers are cheaper than genuine Girling for a reason…

I know you say new brake fluid and lines, but as my old mechanic Ron always said… trust but verify. Turn the wheel hard to one side and peek under there. New brake hoses should have very bright shiny connections. New fluid will be clear… pop the master cylinder cap and look. Your problem is classic brake hose deterioration (unless it’s classic ABS deterioration… if so you’re out $2k!)

I would look look and hard at the upper and lower control arm bushings and at the ball joints. Also look at the rear radius arm bushings and where they attach to the body. Also check the rear suspension cradle mounts and front subframe mounts.
If the brakes are good, something is shifting position slightly when the brakes apply. If inboard rear brakes, make sure a output seal isn’t leaking on a rotor.

How bad is it, does it feel like it’s throwing you into the curb.
Passenger side Caliper maybe reacting quicker.
Just purchased all new Calipers and brakes for my 94 XJS.
My brakes were toast car had been sitting for 6 years.

It is a noticeable pull to the right but doesn’t feel like the car is being thrown to the curb. Like your car, Janus was sitting for a long time prior to my acquisition. Have replaced almost everything but what is causing this pulling. Is this condition liable to worsen if not corrected. Thank you for responding to my dilemma.

Patricia, can you confirm if any work was performed on the calipers? Regarding the comment of hard applications of the brakes after the work was carried out, when I did a brake job on a customers car I always either took the car out myself or had one of the techs take it out to bed the brakes, it sounds as though this did not happen otherwise the people doing the job would/should have advised that there was still a problem.

No work was done on the calipers. No uneven wear on brake pads,or bluing was evidenced. There is some wear on the bushing but is not critical.

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Then thats where I would be looking next except what ‘bushing’ are you talking about?

I would find a quiet, strait, even paved road and do a few repeated max braking stops from @30 - 50 mph…and I mean max brake pedal pressure like you were trying to avoid hitting a brick wall. If everything is functioning properly in your braking system it should eventually start to track strait.

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