XJS friend came to visit

I had an XJ-S owner come visit me couple days ago. He has a facelift XJS. Beautiful car which is in mint condition. I was working on my E type at the time and took some time out to take these beautiful photos of his car.I very much appreciate his enthusiasm for it because it’s how I feel with mine.


A '92, Lover? :confused: btw, being a fellow cat fancier, have you been watching the YouTube video adventures of “Gary the Cat” and his world-traveling owner? Pretty cute … Gary really seems to enjoy going to all those places and wearing mini versions of the outfits his owner does. :cat:

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Wait a minute … color-coded bumpers, so that would make it a '94-'96 MY. But where’s the engine cover on his 6.0? :confused: Easier to work on that way, but I would worry more about grime and gunk getting into the “V”, esp. on a car THAT nice, while driving it around. :grimacing:

Haha I haven’t seen it but I will take a look. I believe this is a 96’. He removed engine cover just to meticulously clean engine(even though it was near perfect). I generally prefer pre-facelift XJ-S, but his car is a beauty.

Here we go … Actually, most of Gary’s videos are on his owner’s FB … Here is one though from YT:

Adventurous Kitty Loves The Outdoors - YouTube

&:slight_smile: Paul

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Unicorn is easier to see than a '96 XJS with a V12. This is most likely is a 94 model, look at where the third brake light is positioned.

Beautiful car, and the photography captures it well. I too prefer the pre-facelift, but they are all beautiful.

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Maroon and white is a nice combo. I sometimes find my grey and grey combo a bit boring, but I guess it will never go out of style.

Also, what’s really strange, this is a LHD, but the brake booster is on the right and the washer reservoir on the left???

What you call “washer reservoir” is the brake fluid reservoir, mounted on top of the master cylinder and ABS module. The thingy on the right is the electric pump and the accumulator sphere, part of the TEVES III system.

For posterity - the washer reservoir on the 1994 and 1995 XJS with V12 (might be the same for the 6-bangers too) is hidden in the right front fender well.

The arrow shows the filler neck:

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Interesting that this gorgeous 96 (?) still doesn’t have Teves 4 brakes whereas I seem to remember Jim D of Alabama has a 95 V12 & that does have Teves 4 brakes.

It is not 1996 Andy. The 3rd brake light (US market!) was what gave it away - post #5



Steve, I saw your comment about the 3rd brake light - I don’t recall any XJS having a 3rd brake light in the U.K. - I guess you are saying the position of said light, indicates a particular production/model year for USA cars - it’s still a bloody lovely 6.0ltr XJS Convertible, all the same.


Aah, I see - on boot brake light = 94 & in spoiler brake light = 95. :+1:t2:

Which means it can’t be a '96, right? Because a '96 would have the Teves IV?

Gents it’s a 1994 model year. I just asked the owner. Excellent detective work lol

Yep, that’s where it is on Superblue, with just the filler mouth located up top. The reservoir itself is down in the engine compartment, but, unlike with the contemporary saloons, not so far that it is exposed to road debris (hence why so many cracked or even destroyed ones on saloons :angry: ). One thing I wish Jag did go with on the WW filler system with the XJS is the “extension” filler tube that it utilized on the XJ8s (and, IIRC, on the X-300s). You basically yank on the filler mouth and the tube extends upward toward you, like a section of a radio antenna, about a foot or so. :open_mouth: Makes it more convenient and accurate when it comes time to add fluid. :+1: In fact, I was refilling Superblue’s earlier tonight and thought of that feature, once again.

Kind of confusing there, but I guess what they are saying is that if the '95 comes from the factory with a rear spoiler the light will be contained in it, like shown in the drawing. If it is added on later as an option instead, then it won’t. ? :confused: