XJS front brakes with ABS

I’m planning to replace front brake rotors, pads and recondition calipers on my 1994 (June) 4.0 XJS.

Does the process of removing the hub and caliper affect the ABS sensors on the car? Do I need to do something about the ABS on the car, during the process?

All instructions/videos i managed to source do not mention anything about those.



Clean the pickup. When it gets crud on it, the ABS system gets flaky.

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Make sure you do not push dirty fluid back up towards MC. If doing so open bleeder nipple to exhaust fluid.

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Make sure you clean the mating surfaces between the rotor and the hub/

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thank you for the feedback. Should I use normal de-greaser or is there a special cleaner for the Job.

Just normal brake cleaner spray will be fine.

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I guess I wasn’t clear. You want any rust or dirt removed from the hub so that the rotor sits flush against the hub. If the rotor isn’t flush, you will get a pulsation. I use a mild abrasive pad on my right angle air grinder. Abrasive is not the right word, but you get my drift.

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I used to have a wire cup wheel on a angle grinder when I had my workshop, that made short work of any residue on the mating surface inside the rotors.