Xjs pressure bulb brakes

(Jagart) #1

Brake Bulb pressure vessel, I believe it has lost its charge… how do I put in a new one.??? Art

(Douglas) #2

You mean the brake accumulator ball?

A very easy fix actually. Just unscrew the one that’s on your car and screw new one in. Make sure to use an o ring (should come with your new ball). Hardest part is the old one will be on there very tightly. I needed two belt wrenches and pblaster to get mine off.

Genuine Jaguar part is available and is part number JLM1907 and they seem to usually be about $400. There are cheaper alternates available but YMMV.

(Paul M. Novak) #3

What is the year and model of your Jaguar? Is the “pressure bulb” you asking about the Accumulator (JLM1461), that is part of the Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS)?


(Paul M. Novak) #4


Hmmm. I think that you forgot an important step that if perfomed is likely to result in serious injury.


(Douglas) #5

You mean depressurize the system by stepping brake to floor a good 20 plus times? Or something else? Do elaborate please! If you do mean the depressurizing yes of course a key step and good point (I figured anyone working on brakes would assume that as a given).

Now as an aside, as a question of theory would one even be able to get that ball unscrewed if there was system pressure?? I am really not sure but definitely am not going to try it or suggest that anyone else does!

Also, where did your part number JLM1461 come from by the way? Never came across that number when I was doing my research/replacement.

(Robin O'Connor) #6

The thing to keep in mind with these cars are that they are a little bit different from ‘main stream’ car systems so assuming something could end up in watering eyes.

(Paul M. Novak) #7

Yes, I was referring to the need to depressurize the ABS before attempting to remove the Hydraulic Accumulator. The pressure inside the ABS is about 2,000 PSI. Attemping to remove the Accumulator while it was still pressurized could very well result in serious injury. The XJ-S ROM includes the following on page 71 “The Anti-Lock Braking System operates under high hydraulic pressure, and great care must be exercised when servicing the system.” I think that is a bit of a reserved British understatement. :wink:
I found that part number on page 1N12 of my Jaguar XJ-S Parts Catalogue RTC9900CA dated 1989. It’s the Jaguar part number for the Accumulator and o-ring.
I have no idea how much the original poster knows or doesn’t know, especially based on the small amount of info in that post, about working on ABS. Some people try to maintain these cars by emails alone and don’t own or use the Jaguar maintenance publications. The shortcoming of that approach is that we don’t know what they don’t know. When I saw that a key element of the necessary steps was not included, namely depressurizing the high pressure hydraulic system before removing the Accumulator, I felt it was important to bring that up to hopefully prevent an unnecessary injury.


(Douglas) #8

Got to love the art of the British understatement. I lived over in the UK for a year–loved my time there! The people, culture, food, everything–of particular note was always that diplomatic phrasing of everything!

Good call to add in steps/insight. That’s what I find so great about this forum–many people jump in and offer some ideas/pieces of the puzzle. By the time a half dozen or so people have volunteered their knowledge and comments, I find myself feeling grateful and much better educated about whatever piece of my car it may be I’m tinkering with.


(Jagart) #9

funny I am still receiving mail from Jag Lovers that states from " Jerry Mouton "…Jerry passed away on his last E Type trip, so why are we being sent out e mails saying it is from him…???