Xjs V12 1986 Power Windows not working


My windows would work really slowly, so I gave a go to cleaning the switches; and managed to install the switch the other way around; and I got some sparks and the windows not working. I took off the relay, and did not take note of the cables. I’m trying to put together a new relay, but can’t get it to work.
If I look at the manual it will say as you can see in this picture.

Can you please tell me your opinion on which cables should go into each blade?
I have 4 cables; black, white/pink and 2 brown/blue.
Thank you!



Thank you Doug. I will try this combination



It worked. I managed to get the (clean switch) window to go up; but the other one won’t budge; even after cleaning.
I’m getting a clicking noise from this relay. It will click once every 4-5 seconds. Perhaps it’s fried. Will any 4-contact standard relay work?
I’m kind of scared about the Lucas writing in it

Yes, any SPDT relay will work.

Thank you both for the feedback, as I finally managed to get both my windows up. Did that with a new relay, and actually changing the wires in the thermal switch. I guess I messed up when I tried a fuse instead, and misplaced the wires. Not sure if this is polarity sensitive… it did work…

However, and this is a big however, the relay keeps clicking every 4-5 seconds, and the window would only go up immediately after the click for a couple of seconds, then stop. And then work again after the next click.

Why would the relay keep on clicking away? What can I do to solve that? I´m really lost here

Thank you

One more thing. I was reading what Kirby had to say in the book about windows, and came by this:

ELECTRIC WINDOWS – KEYLESS OPERATION: Some of us prefer the electric windows to be operable whenever
we’re in the car, not just when the ignition is on. If you share this preference, there is a “window lift relay” under the
passenger’s side of the dashboard that provides power to the windows whenever the ignition is on. All you have to do is
remove this relay and connect the power wire directly to the wire to the windows, and the windows will operate
whenever the buttons are pressed. Since the buttons are inside the car anyway, it’s not exactly a security risk.

What is are the right connections in this case, should I delete the relay? @Doug_Dwyer, perhaps?

Might be the thermal breaker opening/closing…although I’m not sure they make a click sound. I suspect they do. This would suggest excessive load on the circuit, possibly from a faulty window motor or a window mechanism mechanically dragging/binding. Or a voltage-to-ground short circuit in the wiring.

If you’re sure it is the relay clicking then look at the connector socket for dirty/weak contacts.

The relay wouldn’t be needed. Just jumper the two brown/blue wires.


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Thank you Doug.

I tried disconnecting the thermal breaker, and connected a 30amp spade fuse on the terminals. The fuse broke 2-3 seconds after I turned the key. So for some reason, I´m getting intermitent current to the relay, and that is why it´s clicking all the time.

Very strange. I´m going to check the window switches, in case I´ve mounted them incorrectly and I´m getting a permanent current or a short.

I took off the first switch I cleaned some years ago and bingo, without the switch I don´t get the relay clicking away.

I dissassembled the switch, but all looks normal. However, once you plug it in, the relay goes on.

I could have tried exchanging switches, but for the moment I´m happy without the switch in place, as both windows are closed and can work on the car.

Thank you all for your help. I´m going to do a search to investigate switch failure