XJX Series 2 Fuel return for a lump

I read through this excellent thread Starting my S1 XJ6 LS1 swap but still looking for a definitive solution re installing a fuel return for a Holley Sniper on a 383 lump without changing to series 3 tanks.

Can it be done by returning to one tank only?

I pondered installing a return fitting on top of the left tank with a line down below minimum fuel level.

I really want to get away from using the Holley carb again when the engine is back together and in the car.

i’d think you’d run the risk of overfilling one tank?
if adding one return, why not both?
i went with series 3 tanks cause i didn’t want to weld on 50yr old fuel tanks

Does that much fuel get sent back? It must be the difference between the low pressure pump for carbs and the high for injection then. The tanks are spotless inside but if they come out I may as well replace with series 3, if I can find any.

i don’t know how much fuel gets returned to the tank. would be variable i’d think depending on the needs of the engine and how big the fuel pump is.
i didn’t want to take the chance of overfilling one tank.
Series 3 tanks are easy to get new or used. perhaps your welding skills are better than mine and you can weld in returns on your tanks. i had an S3 parts car so it was an easier decision for me.

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I suspect the what returns is the difference between 6psi on the carb pumps and the 55psi on injection so it’s probably quite a bit. I couldn’t weld to save my life so would be paying someone else to do it.

New tanks here cost close to a thousand each so all up it might be more cost effective to buy a whole car.

yikes! i think i paid $400 for my S3 parts car.
there’s a jaguar breaker in california i used as well, jaguar heaven i think.
shipping is probably the deal breaker for you. welding in return bungs is probably the cheapest option

Welding with oxy acetylene is not hard to catch on to. may not be pretty, but can be sound. Flame color ad settings on te guages s to be learned. then practice weldig on scrapp.

Were i to tackle welding in a bung, I would copnsider braze. Much less chance of a burn through.

Whenm I bilt my lump, I needed to add bungs to the down pipes. i welded tem in. Came in just great. Not as goo d a location as possible. but workable.

My 65 Corvair came to me with an transplnted turbo engone. A return line was grafted in. A bulkhead type in to the filer neck. No vapor sstem to contend with.