XK 120 Carburetor Choice

Xk120 upgrade. Putting on a rebuilt xk140 c head/cams and headers. I would like suggestions regarding carburetors. Currently 8to1 compression, may increase to 9to1 depending on cylinder conditions, haven’t opened up the engine yet. My choices are Dual Hd8 with modified manifold openings vs triple hd6. My goal is vintage looking upgrade, with the best setup for street driving. Thanks for suggestions.

Access to the front carb is a bit of a bother with triples.

Agreeing with Andrew, I once saw a 120 with triple SUs and he had cut holes in the valence and bonnet for clearance on the front one, looked dumb to me. Maybe that’s why the 150 bonnet is wider, clearance for triples?

Twin HD8 or HD6 with easily adjusted richness screws

Frankly, twin HD6s will be plenty of carbs for street.

Thanks everyone. I’m going with hd8s, hope the improvement is worth the cost…time will tell.

I went with HS8’s on my MK2 , less complicated , less clutter and no rubber !