XK 120 DB 10 Indicator Control - What size of wiring

I am in the process of sorting out all the relevant parts to re-wire my 1953 XK 120 DHC with an indicator system using the Lucas DB 10 which was fitted but not wired in the car from new. I have the original flasher unit as well and the manette is wired but they go nowhere from the end of the steering column! I intend using the wiring diagram that is in the Overhaul Manual for a 120 FHC (W94602) realising that I will need to fit new front double pickup sidelight units and also rewire the brake light system, the attached diagram that was on a previous post seems to be perfect.
My question is, I want to use original style cloth coated and colour coded wires so that they are iaw W94602, they are readily available but there are 3 different grades of wire, 5.75 amp, 8.75 amp or 17 amp, which size is the correct one, or is there another size that I have missed?

Hi, David,
The current requirement for indicator lights is low. The filaments are 21 watt so the current in a12v system will be 21/12 = 1.7 amps per bulb. When both indicator bulbs are flashing on one side the current would be 2 x 1.7 = 3.4 amps. You could probably use 8amp wires to the manette and from the manette to the DB10 and 5amp to each bulb from the DB10. You’d have negligible volt drop across such a system.

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Thanks Iain, I’ll just use 8 amp throughout to make things simple.
Where are you in Scotland?

Near Dumfries. And you!

Nairnshire, same house for 50 years, miles from anywhere so the Forum is gold dust for information and support, couldn’t have done the year and a half restoration without it.

Rhode Island Wiring used 16 gauge on mine for the DB10 relay.

Thanks Rob, your 16 gauge is equivalent to our 8 amp so I’ll carry on with that.