XK 120 FHC seats

(Phil.Dobson) #1

Can someone please advise if the 120 FHC had wooden wedges under the seat runners?

(Bernard) #2

I just looked at the DHC original parts book and I didn’t see anything there in terms of any piece of wood under the seats, The FHC, which I have too, should be the same. However, from experience I seem to remember that there should be some kind of a distance piece between the seat runners and the floor, otherwise the sharp angles of the runners, especially with the weight of a body on the seat risk to catch the carpet pile and over time damage it.
XK120-11-Body-DHC.pdf (1.7 MB)

(Phil.Dobson) #3

Thankyou. I agree that common sense suggest there needs to be something.

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(Terry McGrath) #4

I am quite sure unlike 140 3/8 thick non tapered and 150 tapered spacers that there aren’t any spacers on the XK120 except maybe for some alloy packing pieces about 1.4 mm thick to level seat to match up back height etc. these were used on 140 and 150 as well
They are on p11 SPC BD6113 packing 4 required but is this timber or the alloy strips?

(Graham Jordan) #6

(Phil.Dobson) #7

my trimmer has installed something very similar to these.