XK 120 mechanic in southern California area

I recently purchased a 1952, XK120 and I am looking for a good shop to do some mechanical restoration. Ideally in the Orange County area.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Congrats on the car!

I used to use Classic Automobiles in Costa Mesa, but they closed a while back.
After that, I took all my cars down to Bill and Trace at Coventry Cars in San Diego.
I’ve known them since 1989, in fact they serviced my 85 XJ6 since new!
A long haul from OC, but I wouldn’t trust my cars to anyone else now.

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I’ve used Engine Supply on Dyer, near Main. Long-time machinist, very knowledgeable with many exotics. Machining only, no assembly.(except heads) He sends cranks out to Lopez crankshafts in Santa Fe Springs…best in business. I use a balance guy on Cherry in N. Long Beach…just south on the 91. I have never used a one shop does all since I prefer specialists/experts in each specific area…some don’t agree with this approach, but I do.

Thank you both for your feedback, it is much appreciated and I will explore your suggestions. I have been researching several restorers and I believe most farm out the precision duties and act more as a general contractor. As an example unless you have a large volume it is difficult to keep a great finish guy busy enough etc. .not to mentiin the equipment and space required. I would like to assemble a list of shops that can provide their specific skills at a high level.

I will be doing much of the interior and wiring myself and will need suggestions for paint /body, tires/suspension.

I have included a photo of the car, it is currently registered and driveable (around the block). The car came with several crates of original spare parts inckuding an extra set of wires wheels. Gauges, clutch assemblies, lights…

Can’t seem to find the photo attachment…

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Engine Supply, aka Rimpau Company, with Mike McDaniel and gang is a superb engine machine shop.

Thank you Roger! I am excited to begin the process of making her purr once again!

Is that the one right off the 5?

The 55…about 3 blocks west…south side of Dyer road, but must be approached from the west.

Must be by the old Itt cannon plant.

I contacted Coventry Cars , they are not doing any work on older models and say they have a huge backlog of newer models to service.

I really appreciate all the feedback, any suggestions for paint and body in orange county?

Mechanical is one thing, P&B is a whole different ball game! I have done my own, mainly due to COST.

An art form for sure especially on a body with so many curves and flat areas! Them throw in the different alloys, way over my pay grade!

There’s always XKs Unlimited in San Luis Obispo. They do restoration work. I buy parts from them.

Although of course, part of the strength of this forum is encouraging people to do their own work on these wonderful cars.

The skills required can be learned…finding the appropriate space to exercise those skills is maybe the biggest roadblock.

That’s a shame. I went on their website and noticed that Trace is in the staff photo, but Bill is not. He was the one who knew the older cars. Perhaps he retired.

Thanks again for the info. I have a buddy we call Killer, had to play across from him during our sunday morning backyard football games…may years ago