Xk 120 modern electronic voltage regulator for generator

Hello Folks,
I was thinking about going with a alternator but after finding out my generator testing OK I decided to stick with it. What I don’t trust is my voltage regulator. There is talk in the archives of possible modern replacements for it. Does anyone have any info on them? I will keep the regulator box because it has the circuits connected to it but will find a place for a new regulator.
Many thanks
Wes Keyes
York, Maine

I find the voltage regulators are reliable if they are clean and free of corrosion.
It may just need cleaning the contact points.
There could also be corrosion in one or more of the wire connection threaded inserts, where they are crimped on the back to connection straps. Some people have soldered them there.

I recently purchased and installed an electronic regulator from Advanced dynamo regulators, also called ADR. I also didn’t trust my 60 year old regulator. the amp needle was always bouncing around and it didn’t seem to be putting out a constant voltage. I chose the regulator already installed in a new RF-95 shell.
The install was very straightforward. I have only had my car out on a few outings since the install, but I can say that I am very pleased with it so far. The batteries seem to be in a better state of charge and the amp needle has stopped bouncing around.

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Hello Cliff,
Did you keep your original regulator in the car with the two fuses and add the RF-95 regulator nearby?

Wes Keyes

Glad to see they are connected to Classic Dynamo & Regulator Conversions in Lincoln, UK. I purchased an RF95 one from them and am very happy with it. I was able to use my original lid. The batteries are already in a much better state of charge.


The new regulator is installed inside a RF-95 reproduction regulator body and is a direct replacement. No wiring changes are needed. The only difference in appearance is the markings on the cover, which I am sure is due to copyright issues. I used my original cover. It is a very straightforward and easy installation.

I did the same this winter using same guys from Lincoln (UK), first runs this year seem to show more charging going on and (?) smoother running. Battery conditioner flips to Green as soon as I plug it in when back on the garage