XK 120 Rear Axle Straps for Emergency Brake

On the 120, there are three straps that secure the brake lines and emergency brake cable to the rear axel. In the parts book, these are identified as P/N C.3617, on page 39 and shown as item #137 on Plate R. The parts book refers to these straps as a “Clip”.

I’m missing two of these on my car and I wondered if anyone might have any sitting around in their spare parts stuff? If so, could you please let me know. Happy to buy them from you.

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Also see photos:


Should have included my email address: cliffordlewis66@gmail.com. Thanks, Cliff

These are also used on the drum brake saloons of the era.

sNG sells the correct angled clips for about $38 for the pair john

That’s interesting. When I started this quest, I actually bought a set from SNG and what they sent were a solid clamp with a perpendicular bump. The original straps have a big cutout in the middle. Cliff

Like a lot of supplied parts they are only just right or maybe good enough to do the job.
There are two types of clamps on rear axle 1 for brake line and 2 for handbrake cable.
They are easier enough to make either draw up on paper and cut one of of .9mm or do a drawing and get lazer cut and roll around somthing the right diameter with lump on it


You are right that making them would not be that difficult and doing so would be the next plan. My car is a preservation class one and even though the underside is not judged, I wanted to get a set of original ones if possible. Thought I should check here first and it does look like the helpful folks here on Jag Lovers have scared up a pair and we are working on getting them off a car, cleaned up, paid for and off we go. I’ll keep the forum posted.

Clifford, you are right I think they are solid but they are angled.

John: Yes, those will work, but are not right for the 120. Cliff

Thought that one of the Forum folks had located a couple of these straps, but he came up empty when he went to check his extra equipment. So I am still looking for two of these straps, should anyone have two that they do not need.

The strap is P/N C3617 and shown in the pictures and in the parts book on Plate R, pg. 39. My email address is cliffordlewis66@gmail.com

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I have not had any luck finding a proper set of the C3617 “clips” and the similar clips available from the usual sources are not faithful reproductions of the C3617. So I’m headed down the road to make some faithful reproductions of this part. I just wanted to check to see if anyone in the Jag Lover’s community might want any as anyone trying to properly affix their emergency brake cable to the axel would be having exactly the same problem that I am having getting the C2617 part.

Just trying to get a feel for how many to make, so if you would like one or more of this part, please send me an email: cliffordlewis66@gmail.com

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