Xk 120 rebuilt motor / head

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Description: not for the purest this 1953 xk 120 rebuilt motor has i believe a v head from xk150 9::1 compression ,underside the number is 12500 more than a long block ,has fan fly wheel ,cam covers polished ,motor detailed

Asking price (if selling):$8500.00

Location:new jersey

Contact information: 609-489-2149 cell

Cost of shipping (if selling):buyers responsibility

Willing to ship worldwide? yes

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Just to clarify, although the head has 9:1 the defining point is if the pistons are actually 9:1

hi , i have no idea of the pistons being 9:1 your the first to mention it , can i tell by pulling the head ? not that i want to,robert

i also know that the motor was done in a jaguar shop down south , it is not a back yard build ,since i do not have the paper work i believe my price is fair (not trying to sell it to you ) i can use some help on it ,im mostly into the e type 3.8 4.2;s selling parts have many sr 1

You could do a compression test which might help to determine if its 9:1 the other way would involve a bore scope looking at the top of the piston to see how far the crown diametre is from the bore, there are pictures of the tops of the various CR’s

thank you ,ill do a compression test ,Robert