XK-120 tonneau cover

Hello everyone. I need to find a tonneau cover for an XK-120 (long). I ordered one a few weeks ago but I am now being told that I won’t have it until mid October. I am preparing the car for a September event. Can anyone recommend a source that might be able to provide one in the next month or so?
Thank you,
Ron Hetherington

Some folks just take their cars to an auto upholstery shop and have them make one.

making one…: not complicated if just any ol tonneau that is made to fit. BUT…if you want it as close to original as possible…(and you should want that)…then you have to do the research to find the material, the snaps, shape, dimensions, the stitching…color, and all of that period correct for the date of manufacture of your car…as things changed. Urs books, and archives here. AND…if you want close to orignal…already made up from a vendor…same applies…some are good, close to original, some not. Curious…is a tonneau in the Judging Guide for Concours? will have to look.


If you want a tonneau cover for driving have one made and take it off for judging if that bothers you.