XK 140 Distributor Shield Question

Can someone please tell me where the distributor shield (pictured below) mounts? Specifically what does the hole in the lower right of the photo mount to? XK 140 Explored states that it mounts to an angle bracket but that only begs the question, “What angle bracket? Where?” That part of the shield seems to line up with the bottom of the fender support to which the radiator also mounts, but I cannot see an angle bracket or anything else that would bolt to the distributor shield in that area.

Also, can someone confirm that the left side does not have a similar forward shield to protect the engine compartment from the left front fender area. I believe that is the case, but it seems like an odd design. Engines have been protected from tire mud since the fender was invented. To make a shield for one side, but not the other makes little sense to me.


I guess this photo might help.

Bob K.

what if I said bolt middle back wasn’t a bolt and wasn’t half way done but a self tapper about 11/4 inches from bottom and in fact the shield at this point is rolled around to match the shield for aircleaner.
PS and what if I said the right angle brackets supporting front wings were actually not painted black even if car was black but are red brown primer!

I have a pair . Probably aftermarket , so I don’t know if factory fitted . My car had none when I got it .

A photo does help. Thanks. That shows me the positioning, but there is nothing on my car to accept the two front bolts… I am assuming there should be two angles pieces to make the connection. Is that correct? Does anyone know the part number?

I just stumbled across this photo from the internet which answers my question. It looks like there are two angle brackets with a captive nut. These were missing from my boxes of parts along with the distributor shield itself. Now I just have to find a source for those brackets.