XK 140 Explored Book Wanted

Just proud owner of a XK140 DHC 1955.
I am looking for the book XK140 Explored by Viart and can’t find it anywhere.
I am from Belgium near Antwerp.
Any suggestions or somebody maybe wants to sell?


I also have a 1955 XK140 DHC and I own the book as well. Many will acknowledge that there are a few errors in the book but the three book series (XK120-140-150 Explored) by Bernard Viart remain, to me, my favorite books on the XKs. Also, I have the two part series by Urs Schmid and they are deemed perhaps technically more accurate in some small details than the Bernard Viart books. Make no mistake, those two volumes by Urs Schimd are priceless to me but Viart’s books are part historical narrative, part technical data added to a large dose of pure art with the masterly illustrations. They are a true joy to behold on many levels. I cannot even imagine what work went into these epic tomes. Withn the books Mr. Viert does allude to the long months and years spent producing them. Although the XK120 Explored has been updated somewhat recently, I hope someday Mr. Viart makes an updated version of the XK140 and XK150 volumes to bring the books back in print and drive the cost of the volumes down. What do you think Mr. Viart?

I also own a '55 DHC and the Viart book. Glad I bought my car when they were dirt cheap (53 years ago) and the book when it was in print. I think I remember paying about $100. Well worth the money.

Hi Paul…keep watching ebay…i just this week got the 150 explored. …Steve


Here on eBay UK as of today. Good luck.


Bob K.

Thats the same seller i got the 150 book earlier this week…i paid £175…so be prepared for the price to go up…Steve

I will follow it up


Did you get it…the auction ended…Steve

Thank you for informing but i had already an offer from another forum member which I accepted, so there was no more need to bid. But thank you very much for your help.

The packet is now on its way and hopefully it s arriving next week.

All the best


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