XK 140 Oil Sump

Wiggy’s Wise Words: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it till it is. :slight_smile:

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Not necessarily. Your engine may be put together wrong and you’re not getting the oil pumping you should. We can help you figure it out.
Can you see a part number on the timing cover above the damper?

A 140 cover may or may not have one.
or better yet, two or three letters on the left hand side.

These letters should match a similar set on the left hand side of the block right beside them, which would indicate that the timing cover is a matched set with the block. And not a replacement from a 120 or Mark VII.

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I’ll check in the morning.

All 3 of my 120 sumps are identical to yours. The sump on the left is from a 1960’s era 3.4L Mk2.

Must be some weird computer glitch; on my screen it is on the right.
Anyway it takes a rubber seal.

Unfortunately, these are in the cellar at the church and it’s rented out for the next 4 days for patrons of music festival, so I can’t get a better photo before mid day on Monday.

Not important, it was just a confusion between left and right.
Anyway hopefully we are getting some accurate information to Alan.

One thing I have recommended to my friend here in town who is rebuilding an early 120 is to use the special seal that SNG has that goes in the slot for the rope seal, but uses a lip seal, in the front.

Yes, that would work for Alan but only if he has both a 120 sump and 120 timing cover on his 140.

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The markings on the timing cover and the block are the same.
Attached photo of the oil sump.

Yes, that’s a C2359 flat bottom sump.
You said before that the engine serial number was G6530-8 which is a C8610 block, so if the timing cover is a matched set with it, you are in good shape.
I think you can pull off the sump and see what is in there.
Along with the new correct sump and gaskets, you will probably want to put in a new front seal. For that you remove the damper, and there is a distance piece or sleeve that the seal rides on. Remove that to get the rubber seal in.

Waiting for the sump to arrive from the UK.
Thx for all the help.