XK-140 OTS Modified K&N Filter 56-9311 Now it Fits

I bought a set of the K&N Air Filter 56-9311 from Terry’s. I don’t know if this has been mentioned before but out of the box it really does not fit the front carburetor on 1955 XK-140 OTS.

After trying “squish” the filter element to make it fit I just stopped. Took off the inner fender section next to battery door. That way I could see what was really needed. I found that if I moved all the mounting holes and intake hole up about 7/8” it would lower the whole filter by that much. And then it would clear the inner fender.

I took a piece of 14 ga. stainless steel sheet metal and transferred all the holes except for the studs that clamp the filter assembly together. Then drilled the original mounting plate for the new holes. Mounted the whole assembly in new location and it fits like it should.

I also called K&N and explained what was needed. If they would just move the plate the 7/8” their punch press would make quick work of it and would have a better product. Actually the modified part will work on both carburetors.

Hope this helps anyone trying to have real air filtration. If this has already been covered, my bad.

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Sounds similar to what Jaguar themselves did to make a pancake filter fit the RHD XK120 OTS rear carb.