XK 140 seat color code?

I have to paint the seat framework after sandind and look for the paint code…? grey… blue/grey ?

The correct shade is a British Standard colour from the fifties, still available in the UK -

British Standard Light Grey

Paints4u Part number: RAL400HML184

RAL/BS 29 184 631-381C LIGHT GREY

ralaerosols.com or Paints4u


These are my seats sprayed this colour:

Note - it is NOT the same colour as the body, which is Mist Grey. It’s significantly greener.


Thank’s alot Roger The body color misty (very nice BTW) seems close to the future color of my 140 birch grey ( factory color 1955)

It is, very close to Birch, which was my original choice. I changed to Mist Grey because it is very slightly bluer than Birch, which can look slightly green. This was because I wanted dark blue trim and hood, and wheels, which worked better with Mist. I feel I can justify using Mist on a 140 because the records I looked at showed a single 140OTS was supplied in Mist Grey (really a 150 colour), so it must be OK! Also, I like it…

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I’ll have also the wheels black …! They will be quite similar but for me next year …:grin:

Those in the photo are very dark blue, RAL5004, not black. They match the trim.

Roger, I stumbled across this post as I’m trying to find the paint color codes for Mist Grey. All of the codes that I’ve found so far, when typed into my painters system don’t show up with anything. I’m wondering if you happen to know the brand of paint and the codes that you used for your car.

Thank you.

Hello Robin,
I don’t have a specific coding for the colour, as I have an unusual method of choosing the colours for my cars. I know how to paint, having done a lot in the past, but the regulations around current systems mean I don’t bother any more.
I buy a commercially-available aerosol can of the colour I want (sometimes a few from different sources, to cover all the bases) and do a series of properly prep’d test panels. When I’ve found the one I want, I take the test panel to the painter who scans it, and paints the car in that colour. That way, I can see how a full panel will look, and if I need to paint anything later on the car, I can use aerosols or brush touch-up from the chosen manufacturer and it will match perfectly. I think modern production techniques are so consistent that this is a very reliable system. The problems might arise if one particular car fades (usually reds) over time, so the original match no longer works - although the oldest restoration I still own is a Mustang that was painted Royal Maroon twenty years ago, and my system still works with that. However, it’s kept in a dark garage when not being driven which probably helps.
For what it’s worth, the XK’s Mist Grey came from Paints4U in the UK, and using their coding is

  • but this may not be much help. Beware - I believe Jaguar re-used the name ‘mist grey’ on a later model, which is not the same shade.