[xk] 140 starter problems

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<< This is a simple question maybe, but… are XK140s supposed to be positive

Also, can anyone tell me what the resistance of a 140’s starter motor is
supposed to be? I suspect mine of being weak and I theorize that it may be
loosing coil loops due to the coil insulation breaking down.

Dave Covert
'54 XK140MC OT >>
Hello Dave;
yes, Jags were + gnd.untill quite late Unless you have a MILLIOHMETER you’ll
probably not be able to measure the difference.
In all probability your bearingas at the ends of the starter are worn ,
causing the armeture to drag. Pull the starter and look for this in addition
to cleaning and lubricating things and checking the brushes and commutator.
It shouldn’t have the mica sticking above the copper segments. If it does,
have it trimmed or do it your self…