XK 140 Top timing chain dampers

(Horatiocaine) #1

I took my cam covers off today while inspecting my new XK 140 DHC, the car was parked many years ago and I am working to get it back on the road. I noticed that one of the nylon/plastic dampers for the upper chain has about 1/2 inch missing, I found and removed most of it, the other side looks like it is going to break off at the same place. Replacement of the dampers looks to be involved and may require the cylinder head to be removed. Can I replace them without removing the head, and can I run the engine for a short time to see what I have before I remove the cylinder head if it must be removed. I know the engine is free, the oil looks ok and I would like to at the very least check the compression before I remove the cylinder if it is a must to replace the dampers.
I have looked in 3 books I have purchased to find the answer and can’t find this answer. Thank You

(Rob Reilly) #2

You’re talking about these guys, right? #50

I can’t imagine how you would get at them with the head on. I believe the bolt heads are hidden under #9.
As to running it as is, better crank it over awhile while looking for more broken bits in the chains.
Then it might be ok to run it just to check compression, but keep it at low speed, bearing in mind the rest of those dampers could break at any time.

(Horatiocaine) #3

Thank You. I am talking about #50, I will read up on pulling the head, after I check compression.
The good thing is the engine is free, all the plugs looked like they were burning right, and the clutch still works.