XK 140 torque values cylinders exhaust manifold to cylinder head?

Hi Jaguar enthusiast, I googled this evening but cannot find any reliable info about the torque values about the exhaust manifold to the cylinder head.
Do have some of you this info?




Given that some can only be reached using a box end spanner, as tight as I can get them has always worked for me.


According to the Fastenal.com torque chart:
Torque for 5/16-24 UNF silicon bronze nuts is 131 inch pounds.

Thanks Chris, Rob.
I thought Jaguar had given it a tightening torque. Warming Up Cooling down from the Exhaust Manifold.
I will set them according the Fastenal sheet. 14,8 Nm (131 In-lb)
Chris: 6 nuts I can reach with the torque wrench.