XK-140FHC - Inner engine compartment panel - Left side

My XK-140 has the right side panel that protects the distributor, but the corresponding panel on the left side (assuming there is one) seems to be missing. When I was contemplating restoration of my other XK-140 35 years ago I purchased a full set of inner panels and I have one that would seem to be the right part for that location, but I have so far not figured out exactly how it fits or what it attaches to. Does anyone have any guidance or photos that would help?

Thanks in advance



During the restoration of my 1955 XK 140 FHC I was told that there was no shield for the engine bay at the LH side, but the panel nevertheless was still available from various British panel suppliers. Mine came from Leaping Cats at the time.

It is basically a “mirror-image” of the RH Distributor Shield Assembly BD.10927 as listed in the XK 140 SPC, but there was an extra “stepped” section to fix it at the rear end, due to the absence of the Cover Plate giving access to the Air Cleaners BD.9127. Also the single bolt/screw to secure this panel at the rear was different left and right. At the RHS a 2BA screw and nut are used to fix it to the Cover Plate BD.9127. At the LHS it’s just a 1/4 UNF bolt through the front inner panel as an extension of the battery box.
See pictures below: picture 1 shows the LH side and picture 2 the RH side.

Bob K.

Thanks Bob. I was just out in the shop and noted that the two brackets that serve as attachment points on the right side are missing on the left side and based on your info I am going to assume they were never there and not sweat it.

Beautiful attention to detail on your car, by the way. The photos are extremely helpful.