XK-150 clutch slave cylinder

Hi all,
I have a strange situation here, and needed the group wisdom to straighten me out. My car is a strange hybrid of various cars, XK-140, with E-type engine, XK-150 bellhousing to support hydraulic clutch.

Last week I got the car out for a quick spin (the first in quite a while due to a bunch of unrelated issues), and over the course of a couple of miles, the clutch stopped disengaging with the pedal.
After safely returning to the garage I checked and the clutch fluid reservoir was empty, and the exterior of slave cylinder was rather wet with fluid, so seemed a simple slave cyl replacement was in order.

I took out my records from the ~2003 rebuild, and found an order for a XK-150 slave cyl from Terry’s, p/n 64067804.
Searching Terry’s website that p/n takes me to an XK-150 slave cyl

So I ordered it.

Today I got under the car to remove the old slave cyl and note it’s 2-hole mounting vs 3-hole mounting, and also appears much longer stroke than the new one. It’s marked Girling 313310

Checking back on Terry’s website again, I find 2 slave cylinders that list XK-150 application, the one I ordered, and another that looks more similar to my old unit.

The bracket on my bellhousing has 3-holes.

I have a 9.5" clutch. I have E-type pedals and clutch master has never been changed. When the car was purchased it had an E-type transmission including E-type bellhousing and slave cyl. I would guess the master cyl is E-Type but it doesn’t look like the pictures I see. The combination has worked fine for 15+ years until the slave started leaking.

So the question is, should I return the 3-hole short 150 slave and get the longer stroke version, or am I ok to use what I have on hand?

If what you had worked fine, given that you have a non-standard system with a lot of variables I’d stick with the same again. It’s not just the mounting that matters - bore size is important.

Fitted to a lot of cars in the day. I don’t know what options you have in the US, but there are several companies in the UK who supply Girling hydraulic parts and I would think this shouldn’t be difficult. Does it only have a part number, or is there a bore size on it as well?

This company is very helpful:



I think I have the slave cylinder you need new in the garage. I purchased it online then found it was not the same as my original. If interested in it let me know off site and I will check it and send pics.