XK-150 DHC Borg Warner Removal

Can the BW DG250 auto be removed from an Xk-150 DHC without removing engine? Any info would be appreciated.

Yes no problem, I did this on my X140FHC.
All XK’s have a removable cover over the Gearbox.
I would advice to use a autolift, be aware the DG250 is heavy!
What is wrong with the box?

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It seems to enjoy loosing all of its fluid. I’ve had a seal up done on it twice. It seems to be blowing out of the intermediate speed hold bellows. I’m a total move with this transmission. Love the way it drove with it but tired of the leaking. Am I able to remove the transmission. From the bell housing to extract out the top or does it go out the bottom? Thanks in advance.

On my 120 I did it by removing the seats, floors, trans tunnel, and putting a jack with wood saddle under the oil pan and another under the trans, then the trans came out the top and out the door.

Indeed that intermediate speed hold bellows is weak.
My XK140 does not have that option yet.
But on my S-type a just removed the intermediate speed hold and covered the hole of the selenoid.
I was to tired of that leaks every time.

I have two MK IX Jags and a MK VII with DG transmission that I drive regularly. I also share your love of these transmissions. Properly serviced and adjusted they make it a pleasure to drive these cars. Third gear is a direct lock up with no slippage. Stopping on a hill is not stressful because I have the hill holding solenoid adjusted correctly and it locks the rear brakes at each stop.

The Intermediate speed hold (on the MK IX’s) is also in operation and I use it quite often. The bellows is a major source of fluid leakage and can be replaced without removing the transmission. I’m guessing you have not looked into doing that in place. There are manuals available on eBay for these transmissions and I would recommend that you obtain one. The parts are readily available as well, since that transmission was shared on several other makes, Studebaker probably being the most prominent.

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