XK 150 FHC rear screen

What is the considered wisdom for installing the rear screen, rubber in the aperture then glass or rubber on the glass first then install (with string?) into the aperture?
Got this job coming up soon .

Rubber on the glass, and then installing it. That is what I did on my XK140FHC and XK150FHC.

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Hi Phil you need to fit the rubber to the glass first…then with glass on outside either string from inside or work the rubber over the lip with tools…i would suggest you trial the glass into the appature first to endure it sits on the lip all the way around…Steve

If you break the glass (hopefully not) contact me PM as I have a rear window for a 150 FHC

That’s a very kind offer Len but I’m in the U.K. !

Just be careful, shipping costs would be more than I would ask for the glass!

Thanks guys. I should get the car back from the trimmer by the end of this month so getting ready for these last (does it ever stop) items.
I’ll post some photos