XK 150 Rear Axle/Tyre Wear

My XK 150S is showing a lot of wear on the inside of the rear tyres but little wear toward the outside of the tyre on both sides. The springs are definitely weak and will be replaced but why would that affect both sides ? Surely wear on the inside of both rear tyres means the wheels are somehow being cambered in or toed in ? How can that happen on a solid axle. Any ideas out there? Grateful for any thoughts
Tim (UK)

Have you checked the axle bearings? On my `140 when I got it I noticed that the outer bearings were never greased since relatively new.

Steven, No I haven’t and that’s a very good point. I guess worn bearings would cause the wheels to sit canted in at the top and would cause the problem. Thanks for the suggestion.

Maybe there is a problem with the straightness of the rear axel housing ?

David. I did wonder about that but the wear is the same on both sides. I guess if the axle wasn’t straight I would wear on the inside of one tyre but the outside of the other. I’m going to replace the springs but as per Steven’s suggestion I’ll replace the bearings at the same time. Replacing the springs means refitting the axle so I guess I can check that it’s square then. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Any other suggestions welcome.

Not sure if you are aware and most are not that there is a grease nipple on each rear hub ,just behind the rotor and under the axle. There is a small vent hole at the top of the hub also.
These usually get missed when greasing, zoom in on the left and right side by the axle stands and the nipples are visible