XK 150 S chassis number help please

Good day chaps. I wonder if someone could help me please with confirmation of the following chassis number as I get the following result from XK data; 831413 #T831413DN (specification: XK150, left-hand drive, open two-seater) is not in the database.

My real question is does/is this number a valid 150 S OTS car. it is NOT listed in any of the books I have including the restorers guide by Philip Porter and XK in detail by Anders Ditley Clausager.

Best place to inquire is the Jaguar heritage trust.

According to the JDHT chart, chassis 831413 would be a LHD OTS from 1958.
T means an S model.
DN means Laycock DeNormanville overdrive.
xk_models.pdf (141.4 KB)

Thank you Rob .
My unclear question is … does the number actually appear on a vehicle?

Well, it did in 1958.
Are you asking whether that car is now on the market, or hidden away somewhere, or dismantled in a restoration shop, or was abandoned in a field and scrapped out, or the number is now on a replica C-Type?

No. I have been offered the car for sale. I’ve yet to see it but have been given the chassis number only. Apparently the engine is missing.

From what I an determine the number is not included in the documented listings of 150 S OTS cars either LHD or RHD

Well, according to Porter’s Original XK 2nd ed, pg 141; 831413 would be a Sept '58 build. LHD OTS chassis numbers ran from 830001-832174.
The chassis number should be on the ID plate if it still has one, or stamped on the chassis left side by the rear engine mount and also on the front cross member.
Ask for photos of the ID plate and of those places on the chassis.

I have asked for photos of the chassis plate and the chassis stamping.
Thank you for your help.

I read this again.
If I understand your meaning, it is not on xkdata.com; that simply means nobody has entered it, it is currently a lost car. If you get some reliable information, you can certainly do so yourself, even if you don’t buy it.

If you ever get the ID plate info the engine numbers should be in the region of 5300-5400 for a V engine, and 1300 t0 1400 for a VS engine,
Car number 831410 has a VS engine with a VS1430-9 number.
Car number 831412 is an Automatic with V-5304 number.
The car you are wondering about could be a BW car meaning an Automatic . If so it will have a number ending in 15R.

Many thanks. Just to close the loop I have now managed to ascertain the car is an original 3.4S OTS. Shame as I was told it was a 3.8S OTS.
The car is in need of restoration and is without its original engine and box.
I’m still interested though​:nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face:

The first 3.8 S OTS was built in Nov 1959, T 832110dn.