[xk] 150 trivia

Charles, ML and the other masters of disassembly:
While disemboweling the recently acquired 150FHC auto (how long did you
think I could hold out?), I noticed this stencil on the trans. I’ve seen
several BWs out of 140s, 150s and sedans and had not seen one so labeled.
I ‘enjoyed ’ the recent discussion regarding those of us competing for
most cars disassembled, longest duration disassembly, etc etc. Though some
have suggested that I might benefit from psychoanalysis, I would point out
that this seems more of a syndrome that an aberration, considering the
numbers among you all and my other car buds that have a ‘story to tell’
regarding cars taken apart and left for ‘awhile’. I believe that we have
discussed in the past the pitfalls inherent in taking the plunge in taking
on a project. This 150 has brought up the question again of ’ recommision or
restore?’ Obviously a car setting for many years (15 in this case) with
require a minimum work package to get in on the road. Fuel ,cooling,
ignition, and braking, systems will require a good going over. To that end I
will or have removed the radiator and shrouds, water pump, fuel tank, spare
well extension (rust repair), carbs, fuel pump, master cylinder, booster,
vacuum tank, calipers, heater core, battery boxes (rust repair), floorboards
(rot). This is a minimum necessary to get in on the road, though the rust
items are minor and could wait. The interior will require work. As the
headliner is gone, front, rear, and side rear windows will need to be
removed in order to replace the headliner. Though it is a car with great
visual appeal as received, if it were to be painted to correct the chips,
dents, scrapes etc endured since it’s one and only repaint years past., not
doing it while the glass is out would not be clever. Hmm, that old chromium
is going to look dull next to new paint. So, when you must decide whether to
restore or maintain in survivor status, the answer is not always so clear.
This is why there are so many cars pulled down for a 'freshening only to
become overwhelming projects. I find it difficult to not polish, plate, or
paint a component when it is removed for replacement or maintenance. I also
find it difficult to return that brilliant new bit to a tatty
environment…the logic is inescapable.
For now I will resist going beyond the minimums necessary to make to old
gal roadworthy. But when I get weary of seeing the bare headliner braces,
all bets are off.