[xk] 1950 XK120 brakes

Thanks Rob. I inventoried my parts and am happy that I have everything to make the rear brakes as original, but have to convert the front ones to the later type. Tomorrow, I will send in the shoes for relining. Those blocks for the rear brakes, one is aluminum but the other is steel. I don’t know what to make of this.


FleetPride (formerly B and A Friction Material) in San Jose on Old Bayshore Highway can also bond and arc new linings for you if you’re willing to make the drive and don’t want to mail off what you have. I’ve used them in the past for my XK’s with no issues. Unfortunately, and though this doesn’t apply here, they won’t do motorcycle brakes and drums as it’s a liability issue for them. For that I had to go to a place in Sacramento. The point being, like good machine shops, these places are becoming fewer and farther in between so I’m happy to spread the word – if the service is good.

Chris, my local NAPA shop sends it out somewhere. They have done brakes and clutches for me in the past without any problems.


I just replaced the lines and connectors on my XK120 using parts from Brake Hoses Unlimited (www.brakehoses.biz). 25 feet of 3/16" CuNiFer tubing was all the car needed, and I also bought 7/16" x 20 double flare tube nuts and brake bleeders.

Here is my solution for safer vastly improved braking system that is completely reversible with no permanent modifications to the car to handle SoCal traffic and foothill driving. Front disc brakes and a twin master cylinder set-up with a front/rear bias adjustable balance bar and a 4 to1 (instead of the stock 7 to 1) pedal ratio which reduced the pedal effort by 50% and provides excellent feel and modulation.