[xk] 1970 4.2L into 1952 XK120 (Questions)


I have a 1952 XK120OTS with a tired MK1 engine in it. I have the
original matching #'s engine and gearbox out of the car for a later

In the meantime I have access to a 1970 4.2L engine with a non-smog
triple carb setup. The 4-speed full synchro gearbox is also

I’m sure I’ll ‘find’ these answers as I move through the project
but thought I’d ask the listers for the benefit of their vast

Will the 4.2L swap bolt for bolt with the 3.4L engine (engine
mounts, bell housing, dynamo, etc.)? What modifications or
fabrications might I encounter?

Will the triple carb setup clear the inner wing or should I plan on
mounting the twin SU’s from the old engine? (Or leave the inner
wing off, it never rains here)

If I use the existing gearbox, do I need to use the flywheel from
the existing 3.4L engine?

If I decide to use the newer gearbox will I need to have a prop-
shaft fabricated?

Thanks in advance for all assistance and input. The list and
archives here have already been of great help to me.

Steve Davis–
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