[xk] 4-cylinder DOHC (was XK120 141mph)


Hi Phil Testa & all – Phil, Paul Skilleter’s JAGUAR SALOON CARS, in
discussing development of the XK engine, says on pp/159-160: “The “XJ” was
a four-cylinder, 80.5 mm x 98 mm l996 cc design with twin overhead
camshafts in the classic mould. It was on this engine that most of the
experiments involving port and head design were carried out, with Harry
Weslake being closely involved. Many arrangements of valve gear and
camshaft drives were tried out on the XJ (no relation to the later saloon
of that name, incidentally), and one version with a 12:1 compression ratio
was loaned to Major Goldie Gardner, who used it in his famous EX 135 MG
streamliner to record 176.7 mph in August 1948. This was the first public
appearance of any Jaguar twin-cam engine, and it brought the company useful
publicity - 146 bhp from 2-litres was very good going for 1948.”

By the way, Phil – the XK100 would have received this engine, but it was
never produced because development of the XK 6-cylinder DOHC was more than
sufficient for the XK120, so that’s what William Lyons decided, and that’s
what we now enjoy so much! Take care – Larry Martz*****
John Elmgreen
I have an original piece of literature entitled: Advanced particulars of
the New Jaguar Type XK “100” and “120” Super Sports Models.

Part of the text reads:

“In addition to bench tests totalling many thousands of hours, extensive
road tests at home and abroad have been carried out and it is significant
that the 2 liter engine, loaned to Colonel Gardner when he broke the
world speed record in the 2 liter class at 176 miles per hour, is a
completely standard unit with the exception of modified pistons to give
a higher compression ratio”.

It does not say who Colonel Gardner was, when he accomplished this, or
the type of vehicle the engine was placed in. I can’t imagine what the
old Colonel could have done with the 3 1/2 liter engine.

Incidentally, the literature was printed in England by A.B. & S Ltd.

Phil Testa