[xk] a roaring Jag


Marvelous story “the awakening of a XK120”. Next monday the XK 120 I did purchase
will finally arrive after a long period of transport troubles. The car has been
sleeping for about 17 years. I will follow your advise and who knows maybe I will
hear a roaring Jag.

Fred> “For here” says I.

I began perusing classifieds (Volvo first, of course, then Jaguar) and
came upon an ad that read “1953 Jaguar XK120 coupe. good body, needs
restoration. tow away.” or something to that affect. The phone # was
local, so I just had to call. This was when I realized it was going to
be the most expensive fast food I’d ever had.

I went to look at it (and saw other things that my eyes are still not
yet qualified for) the following Saturday, I was offered a nice MK2 as
well. I opted for the XK of course, and I took delivery shortly

The tow-truck brought her home safely, and that afternoon, we (me, my
brother, and the fellow I bought the car from) pulled the plugs, lubed
the cylinders(it hadn’t run in 20 years or so, but the motor was not
stuck), took apart the carbs and cleaned them, placed a gas can on the
roof with siphon feed to the carbs, one battery to the coil, another to
the starter…and she fired up! Add a cheap fuel pump, and I drove her
the next day (gas can in the passenger seat).

I guess I just couldn’t help myself. I think I had one rear
brake…all the others were stuck.

That engine came apart, rings in about 1/8" bits on two cylinders.
Could have been me, but I think the previous owner replaced the pistons
and neglected to bore or sleeve the cylinder walls. They were bad. Lots
of slap. What a kick, though, to drive such a dilapidated XK120, if
only down the street!

I, too, am curious about the five connector switch on the one speed
wipers though, as that is the next thing I plan to hook up, as I do not
like being bound by the weather.

Cheers, Matt B 680895