[xk] Accessory fitted luggage

I’m certain mine are XK, but the forward case (narrower to accommodate the fuel filler pipe) is a shade too long for my late 120FHC. I wonder which model features a longer trunk floor?
Chris T

No xk120 has a longer boot maybe 140 150?


Where do you put the champagne flutes?


Hi Chris.
Thanks for the quality photos with measurements. I’ll compare with my case.

Hi Chris.
Here is the dimensions for the single case I have. This also doesn’t fit into the boot space of my 120FHC

Hi Chris.
Comparing measurements of our cases your wider case is the same width as mine (736mm or 29") So mine should fit?. I’ll try it again.
Mine is not as deep at 360mm compared to 406mm.

Hi Graham,

Mine is only 734mm max width. Yours appears to be 760+. I can’t easily get access to the boot of my XK for a re-check of the gaps because it’s wedged in the far corner of my garage, hemmed-in by another car and a mountain of clutter. When I have the chance I’ll dig it out for another look. My big rear-most case (similar shape to yours) fits beautifully.

I like Terry’s suggestion that my set could be 140/150.

Chris T

P.S. Love the look of your mouth-watering collection of IPAs!

Damn. Another typo I’ve made.
Yes mine is wider for sure. Not sure what it would fit?
and I enjoyed the taste of everyone of those IPA’s :stuck_out_tongue: :+1: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:
Cheers, Graham

See attached photo lifted off web - presumably period XK120 Fitted Luggage?