[xk] [ADMIN] Holidays reminder

Hi Guys

Just a reminder as we come into the silly season, if you’re going to have an
extended period away from your PC, please unsubscribe or swap to digest

If your emailbox fills up and starts bouncing, I get an error message for
every one, then I’ll be forced to unsub you anyway, and then I get the
plaintive cries of “why aren’t I getting XK list emails anymore” when you
get back :slight_smile:

To unsubscribe or change your subscription details, go to

enter your email address, click go

check or uncheck the lists as appropriate. click apply.

If you were unsubbing then you’re done.

Please note subscribing to the XK digest is considered a seperate
subscription, so you’ll need to send in the auth code as per when you signed
up the first time. Sorry about that but there’s no easy way around it with
the technology.


Merry Spring and Summer BIG GUY.
How can you stand Christmas with Santa Klaus coming in on and SUV?
Best regards for the holiday season. Stay out of the sun!
Just think of us up here in the Frozen Northeast USA with 18+ inches of snow
Mad Ludwig
alias Ernie Wagner