[xk] AH over drive for sale

several years ago i found that my Austin Healey BJ8 had a BJ7 tranny in it.
a lister was kind enough to sell me the tranny and OD that came out of
his car when he installed a smitty Supra conversion.

i used that gear box in my BJ8 and sold the BJ7 tranny to another lister.

i would now like to sell the OD that came out of the other BJ8.
it was reported to be in good working order when removed.

I am writing to this list rather than the Healey list to try and get
an impartial value of the price i should ask for the OD.

1960 XK 150 FHC
1967 E type FHC
1965 AH BJ8

ron rader