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My 150 did not have the ‘‘spacer’’. If someone answers the above
question and knows whether or not they are required on a 150,
include the info on the 150 when answering.

Auburn, CA, United States
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Thanks for the responses. I’ve left off the packing pieces that
were originally present when I re-installed the engine/transmission
yesterday. This is due to the fact that the replacement rear engine
mounts are thicker than the originals by close to the thickness of
the packing pieces. The clucth pedal shaft seems to line up well,
so this is a good sign. I’ll eyeball the alignment with the prop-
shaft and rear axle input shaft when I connect it back to the

Progress is currently stalled again, as the replacement clutch
adjuster rod that I got from one of the usual suspects doesn’t fit.
The original was threaded all the way up the shaft to the eyelet at
the end, and drilled to take a split pin to retain the tensioning
spring. The replacement is about 3/4’’ longer (no big deal), has no
split pin hole (I can probably use a pair of locked nuts for this),
and (most importantly) is not threaded for the last 1 1/4’’ close to
the eyelet. So, it’s not possible to screw the brass adjuster nut
back far enough to fit. Sigh… Has any other lister had the same
problem? How did you get past it? Have any of you found someone who
sells an adjuster rod (P/N C2423) that doesn’t have this problem?

XK-140 OTS 812884–
The original message included these comments:

Two things. They compensate for any out-of-squareness of the four mounts due
to manufacturing inaccuracies on the chassis frame. They also provide for
bringing the crankshaft/trans-shaft centerline into parallel with the rear
axle input shaft. They need not be colinear, line-to-line, but they must be
parallel when the car is at normal riding height.

david xk140
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Check it.# 3261, is that what you need? The list is from the Coventry Auto
Parts catalog. Everything I’ve purchased from them is as original.

The link is: http://www.xk-parts.co.uk/catalogue_index.htm

Regards, Otto M.

3220 XK150Clutch Master CylinderC12943
3230 XK150Clutch Master Cylinder Repair KitSP2177
3240 XK120/140Clutch Shaft Spherical Bushes (2 per car)C3255
3241 XK120/140Housing for Clutch Shaft Spherical BearingC3267
3242 XK120/140Spring Behind Spherical Bearing on Clutch ShaftC3321
3243 XK120/140Bush in Clutch Housing for 0perating ShaftC584
3244 XK120/140Washer on Clutch Cross Shaft at end 0f SpringC3295
3245 XK120/140Washer on Clutch Cross Shaft behind Seal RingC2420
3246 Clutch Shaft Small ‘O’ RingC3257
3247 Clutch Shaft Large ‘O’ RingC3258
3248 XKALLClutch Operating (Bearing) Cross-ShaftC2429
3250 XK150Clutch Slave Cylinder Repair KitSP2016
3253 XKALLWoodruff KeyC755
3254 XKALLWoodruff KeyC757
3255 XK120/140Clutch Fulcrum LeverC3260
3256 XK120/140Clutch Bearing Actuator Lever On Shaft(New,Steel)C2483
3257 XK140FHCRHD Clutch Pedal Support ShaftC8879
3258 XK140FHCLHD Clutch Pedal Support ShaftC9134
3260 XK120/140Clutch Peda1 Return SpringC3318
3261 XK120/140Clutch Peda1 Adjusting Rod AssemblyC2423 & C2482
& C3265

3262 XK120/140Tapered Bolt for Clutch Lever/ForkC568
3263 XK120/140Spring behind Trunnion on Clutch Adjustment RodC4165
3264 XK140Clevis Pin,Clutch Adj.Rod to Lever on Ped.ShaftJ1O5/13S
3265 XK150Clutch Taper BoltC13055
3266 XK120LHDClutch Pedal Support ShaftC4035
3267 XK140RHDClutch Pedal Support Shaft (DHC&OTS)C7582
3268 XK120RHDClutch Pedal Support ShaftC4034
3269 XK140LHDClutch Pedal Support Shaft (DHC&OTS)C7583
3270 XK120/140Brake/Clutch Pedal Return SpringC4801
3271 XK150Brake/Clutch Pedal Return SpringC3317
3273 XK150Brake/clutch Pedal Mounts With Fulcrum and Plate
(State LH or RH Drive)C3224&3
&C12967 &C12969 &C13061 &C12972or 3