XK Crank damper reconditioning

Hi All
I have a C type head and as the crank damper is different I would like to have my own damper reconditioned rather than fit a new standard one .Guy Broad can do this , I think around £121 plus VAT , but they need 10 at a time to send off . They can be standard or C type . I have 2 on the list , is there any one else interested ? I will also post this on the XK engine section

Not sure why you need 10, you can go directly to the source.
I used Damper Doctor, fast turnaround, satisfied customer.

And at a serious premium! My last one cost me about $470

I did email them a few days ago , no response and shipping uk to USA not easy . I can’t find a UK reparer.

In May 2018, we covered “Vibration Dampers” and I think the conclusion is there is nothing mechanically special about the C-Type damper even though the part number may be different. Mechanically, the damper upgrade occurred during XK120 production when the outer disc was changed from cast iron to steel and its thickness was reduced from 1/2 inch to 3/8 inch. As I understand it, all the 3/8 inch dampers were built for high speed operation. The part numbers were changed as timing marks were added.

In the U.S. Bill Bassett Jaguar will sell you either a reconditioned 3/8 inch damper or will recondition your own damper, if you prefer. I believe Bill Basset will ship to the UK.


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