[xk] Crossover list for XK parts

Gentle folks, I’ve done a search in the files for a crossover list
for XK parts to similar year American cars and I can’t find any. Does
one exist? There is. or was, a similar list on the XKE forum, but
none I can find here. I’m looking for standard items like oil filters
(found some old, albeit not particularly useful, info), suspension
bushes (they have to match something from the 50s), generator and
starter parts, etc. This car is a 54 XK120, but any information or
the whereabouts of “The List” would be helpful. This thing is already
going to cost a king’s ransom… I’m just looking to whittle it down
to a princely sum.

Thanks in advance, Brian


There are a “few” domestic parts that will “interchange”. Probably the
most significant is the clutch “friction disk”. I think the disc from a
60’s Chevvy Belaire has the same spline and has been used successfully.
Brake parts from “Napa” have also been transplanted and these would
include the 1 and 1/8 in rubber “cups” and expanders if you can get them.
There are other things that you can glean from a well supplied “hell
box” such as electric motor bushing, brushes, and occasionally a fastener
or two.

Some of the electrics can be carefully repaired by using the small
“Bosch” cube relays and “hiding” them under the original cover such as
has been done with the directional signal relay boxes. There are
probably things like spring eye bushings and urethanes that you could fit
up, but sometimes it takes more effort to seek these out and modify them
to fit than it is to get the correct ones. I’ve saved a “bundle” by
doing stuff myself, but I’m resurrecting a DHC which IMHO differs from a
"restoration or freshening.

There are quite a few brands of oil filter cartridges that have surfaced
fairly recently that fit the original cannisters and are not “order
items” .