[xk] Distributor - flywheel synchronization-adjustment

Is it simple? Well, depends on how together your engine is.

When the seemingly correct timing mark on the flywheel is set so it can
be viewed through the opening on the bell housing and the # 1 piston is
at TDC

So far so good. Regardless of how you number the pistons, #1 AND #6 will
ALWAYS be at the same position, i.e. both at TDC together. Note from the
valves which cylinder is ready to fire and which is about to start the
intake stroke.

pull the distributor shaft out and rotate it to the approximate “correct” location

You have to move the distributor shaft driven gear relative to the
crankshaft drive gear. If your engine is on a rotating stand and the oil
pan is off its not too hard. See Urs’s book page 89 photo 2. Remove the
oil pump. Bend the locking tab flat. Remove the big nut holding the
gear. Tap out the shaft. The gear falls out. Put it back in with the
shaft oriented like you want it. New tab on, nut back on, oil pump back
on, oil pan on. Piece of cake.

Why is it wrong now? Possibly a previous mechanic had it apart and
didn’t bother to set it up as per factory specs, just switched the plug
wires to make it run.

A word to the wise about the distributor shaft bronze bushing, don’t
hammer it out if you’re hot tanking the block, press it out gently with
a big c-clamp and sockets. Hammering distorts it and you’ll have to use
a reamer on it to get the I.D. round again (guess how I know).

Rob Reilly - 679187