[xk-engine] 20 year old barn find start up questions

Gentlemen: I just found a 1966 Jaguar E-Type FHC that has been
sitting in dry storage for about 20 years. About 56k original miles
showing on the odometer. Engine oil was drained out a long time ago
as the oil drain plug was stripped yet I can see clear indications
of oil coating the valve gear when looking through the oil filler
cap. Before I do anything here I wanted to get your thoughts and
advice on starting up this wonderful old classic. I was thinking
about firstly fixing the oil pan drain plug and filling it with
fresh oil (after changing the oil filter)and then removing the
spark plugs and pouring a small amount of penetrating oil into each
cylinder, letting it sit for a few days and then attempting to turn
the motor over by hand, with the spark plugs out, perhaps with a
breaker bar on the front crank snout? Assuming that I can turn it
over by hand, placing a bit more oil in the cylinders to lube the
pistons, rings and cylinder liners? Then checking the fuel system
(draining out all old fuel from the tank to and through the carbs–
rebuilding the carbs if they are gummed up) and ignition system
(replacing the points and condenser if necessary, inspecting the
distributor cap and rotor, checking and cleaning the spark plugs –
replacing them if in doubt). Flushing out the cooling system and
replacing the hoses and fan belt. Once this is all done, turning
the motor over with the starter but with the coil wire removed, in
order to build up oil pressure, before attempting to start it up on
its own? Once started carefully checking for oil pressure at the
guage? What else would you recommend here? What am I overlooking?
What would you do differently? Thank you in advance for any advice
you could offer here.–
XKE man
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In reply to a message from XKE man sent Mon 18 Dec 2006:

Another thing you’ll want to make sure works is the fuel pump and
fan. Hook up a battery and turn on the ignition switch and see if
the pump is still functional. Check to see if the carb slides still
move as well. You may also want to consider adding an oil
conditioner like Dr. Marvel’s Mystery Oil to help open up oil
galleies and to help out the old valve seals.

Good Luck and congratulations on a great find!!!–
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