[xk] Engine Block Colour, An Exception!

I am fairly certain that every ‘production’ XK engine block for automotive
use was black.

The only exception to this would be the all aluminium 3.8 litre XK engine
blocks that were fitted to the Light-weight E-Types. I think that they were
left in bare metal. There were also some experimental all aluminium 3.4
litre blocks produced for the C-Type. Linx had one of these on display at
the Jaguar Spares day at Stoneleigh about 8 years ago. It was also in bare

The military 4.2 litre XK engines, known as the J-60, were painted
gray/green from the sump to the top of the cam covers. This is important as
spares for these engines are being sold to enthusuasts. If it is gray/green
then it was made for the military and there are some differences.

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I thing Jaguar did a variation on the early Ford theme. You can have your
engine block in any color, so long as it’s black. In other words, every XK
engine I’ve seen, from the pictures of the first one to the last 4.2 that
was inserted into a car was black AFAIK.

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anyone know if 140 blocks are black as well. while we’re on the subject.