[xk-engine] cam plugs

Paul -
I use either the Jag part - I’ll have to go to my microfiches to find the P/N -
or turn an aluminum plug with a .003" interference fit and hammer drive it in.
The plug is about 3/8" long and I drive it into the flange end. Yes, the tach
drive dog is threaded into the cam - intake for the tach generator models and
the exhaust cam for the cable driven tachs.

bob grossman


If you don’t mind, what do you use to plug the oil drilling at the flange end
of the cam ? Mine are unplugged and I was worried that I might be losing oil
pressure at the bearings because they showed some wear marks. I did however,
find lots of crud in the one of the cams with a long wire brush. After I
drilled the lobes, I used a rifle brush to clean out the oil drilling. It
was obviously old stuff, so I guess that explains the wear marks. If I
loctite an aluminum plug up front, I will have to drill it out to clean them.
Do you tap the ends and use a threaded plug ? If so, what size ? Do you
know if the tach generator drive is threaded into the cam ? I haven’t tried
to remove it, but it would make things easier. Thanks.