[xk-engine] Engine/Torson Bar Removal?

Dear Listers:

I an seeking assistance ( HELP, HELP, HELP) in the best method in removing
the engine/Torsion Bars.

I an in the process of tearing down a 67 E-Type FHC. It has been setting for
well over 10 years and needs everything removed.

I have seen several posts regarding engine/torsion bar removal. So which
comes first? Do I remove some of the front end components or do I follow the
repair manual instructions and just remove the torsion bars then the engine?
I’m trying to do this by myself and would like to make the job as easy as
possible or just possible to do it myself…

The rear suspension is out and the rear of the car is on jack stands.
The bonnet, oil filter, radiator, water pump, vibration dampener and
propeller shaft are all off…

I have a 2 ton engine hoist, a 4 ton engine leveling device, a 2 ton engine
stand, a floor jack and jack stands.

I would appreciate any and all tips on the best way to proceed.

Roger McLaren