[xk-engine] Fw: TDC

Hello all,
I do appreciate the list, with all its information. I have started to put
engine together a 3.8 l which will go into my xk150 FHC -58. The crank has
been grinded, the block cleaned with citrious acid, bored, new pistons and
rings and the head hasnew seats and giudes, valves and springs. The
mechanical shop put the head together (shimmed it) and I’m right now
to get the timing of the cams correct.
Which is the best way to determin TDC exactly? I have no1 and 6 cylinder
top position and the notches on the cams 90 deg to cam cover surface
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the tool).
The problem is th really determin when the no 1 cylinder is exactly in top
postion, at TDC a slight turn on the crank won’t move the piston…
Right now I want to check an doubble check the settings nad I have pt on
the top and tightend the head nuts.
Best regards Jonas